There are many types of ornamental grasses that are being used to landscape. It may be for the house or for buildings like offices whether private or government. Plants have a positive effect o they are grown in places that they could help. If you like to landscape your house then you can. One of the good plants you can put are the ornamental grasses. Let us see some of the recommended best types of grasses.

Blue Fescue. This type is good to be used as edgings, ground covers or borders.

Mexican Feather Grass. This kind of grass is beautiful to see and the seeds are located in the tips of the leaves that are like feathers. They can spread very well as they can grow and survive in dry condition.

Japanese Forest Grass. This type originated from Japan and their leaves are very beautiful like small bamboo.

Zebra Grass. This type of grass is very good as it will die in the winter time but it grows stronger when spring season comes.

Purple Fountain Grass. Whether you see it from a distance or in the close-up distance, this type of grass is beautiful to see.  That is why it is popular to be used in the commercial or residential setting of landscaping.

Pink Muhly Grass. When this type of grass produces flowers, they are lovely to be seen. that is why many prefer and choose this type over the others.

Egyptian Papyrus.  They are exotic in their look and they can grow as long as 72 inches.