The bamboo has about 1,200 types that grow around the world. There are the tall ones and the ones that are good for landscaping. This type of plant for landscaping is feared by others because it can grow easily and it can conquer your yard. They just grow continually and one of their good nature is that they are not easily infested with pests. When it comes also to the season, they are can stand the drought environment. They are also hard so they can be used as fences.

Bamboos are beautiful and so many want them to be part of their landscape. With the proper choice and care, they are great as part of a landscape because of their beauty.  You can mix different types of this plants in your backyard or lawn. They have a different size so you can design and plan how to arrange them in your area. The color that they have is very nice. They can let you feel relaxed and refreshed with the kind of green color it has.

Their maintenance is not that hard so many also prefer to have them. You just need how to contain them as they grow continuously and can reach another backyard in no time. There are kinds of bamboos that can grow three feet long in just a day. You can use them as screens even if they do not grow as big as traditional bamboos. they can also be used as windbreaks for support during a typhoon.