Bamboo is commonly known to be used in construction. Because they can be grown for lesser years than trees so they are very good as they can be made available. In constructing many things they can be used. They are also cheaper than other types of wood for constructing. They can also be used easily without much need to process them. It is not just for house construction but also on the road they are used. In some countries that bamboos are available, they used it to build houses.

They are good and safe during times of disasters. They are even used to build schools in some areas that cannot afford to buy other construction materials. But those who are in the hot climate they want them as they can be cooler than others. The bamboo has also their own medicinal use. In some other parts of the country around the world, they are using it. In Indonesia and China respectively. Now there are new uses of bamboo they had discovered.

It is used for making new clothes. They can make socks or t-shirts or robes out of the bamboos. They are good as they are grown organically as bamboos are not being sprayed with some chemicals or pesticides. The bamboo shoots are also one of the ingredients that are included in food preparation in some countries especially in Asia. Beautiful types of pieces of furniture are also one of the products that could come out of the bamboo materials.